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Barracuda Laser Cutting Files Now Available For Purchase! (DXF files so you can Laser cut your own brackets for the Barracuda.)


The Barracuda has taken the Mini buggy concept to a whole new level of technical advancement & sophistication. More than 17 years of Mini buggy design, development & thousands of buggies manufactured has resulted in the Barracuda, a lean & aggressive long travel buggy that you can build yourself.

The Barracuda has combined the best design features from the Edge Piranha, XRV & Hypersprint. The up-raked nose & styling of the XRV, combined with the latest CV rear suspension from the Hypersprint & the toughness of the Piranha.

An all new Double A arm front suspension design features rod end camber & castor adjustment & super long suspension travel, (20”).

More internal room to suit drivers up to 6’ 7” tall, (2.0m) more elbow room & a rollcage structure designed with the aid of computer stress analysis has resulted in a tough chassis to absorb the harshest offroad conditions.

Buying the raw materials, fabricating and welding the Barracuda parts yourself to the plans will cost approximately $7,500 to $10,000 Australian dollars minus motor depending on how much of the componentry you produce yourself.

Start your build today by taking advantage of our PDF plans available for immediate download.

Click here to see completed builds, builds in progress and the huge community of Barracuda builders.

Note: The Barracuda plan set includes the full PIRCV rear suspension plans.

Chassis: RHS section floor, full round tube chassis & tubular roll cage structure
Steering: Quick turn racing rack & pinion
Motor: Road bike engines, water cooled (chain drive type) from 600cc to1400cc
Transmission: Motorcycle Gearbox and Chain Drive to independent rear suspension
Front Suspension: Double "A" Arm independent, Rod end adjustable camber & castor with coilover shocks, 500mm wheel travel
Rear Suspension: Double "A" Arm independent, 930 CV axles, Rod end adjustable camber & toe settings with coilover shocks, 400mm wheel travel
Brakes Front: 180mm disc rotor on each wheel with twin piston hydraulic caliper
Brakes Rear: Single centre mounted 280mm disc with twin piston hydraulic caliper
Front Wheels: 25x8.00x12” tyres on 12x6” rims
Rear Wheels: 26 x12.00 x12 Tyres on 12x10.5” rims
Overall Length: 3000mm (outside of tyre to outside of tyre)
Overall Width: 1930mm (outside of tyre to outside of tyre)
Overall Height: 1566mm, (ground to top of rollbar
Track (rear): 1535mm (hub face to hub face)
Track (front): 1654mm (hub face to hub face)
Wheelbase: 2330mm
Approx. Weight: 450-475kg, (1000lb)
Ground Clearance: Minimum 300mm, 618mm clearance at nose, (24”)
Top Speed: 120-190 kph, (75 – 120mph) depending on engine type & gearing.
Acceleration: 0-100 kph, (60mph) in 4.5 seconds

Suitable Engine Types

The Barracuda is designed to suit large capacity water cooled road bike engines.

Any large capacity engine can be used as long as it is of a chain drive design, (chain drive from engine to rear wheel).

Engines from 600cc right up to the latest ZX14R Kawasaki can be used depending on the level of performance required.

Vee twin engines such as Suzuki TL1000, Honda VTR1000, Aprilia RSV1000 are very suited to sand dune type driving as they offer lots of low rpm torque.

Big capacity muscle bikes such as the Suzuki GSX1300 Hayabusa & Kawasaki’s ZX12R are great engines for raw horsepower that give good torque, power, speed & acceleration


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